Homesick for festivals

How many of you’ll crave to get back home during festivals? I do. Whether it’s Deepawali, Dushessara, Holi or Christmas! I certainly crave to get back home and spend some quality time with my folks, rather than going to office or just ending the day with a “Happy Diwali” , wish on the phone when ; clearly the day didn’t feel that happy.

It’s been four years here in Melbourne. Sure, it has become a second home. There are friends to rely on for company, weekends are super fun, game nights are quick as flash, we celebrate ganesha festival with utmost grandeur and there is a sense of belonging – but the only thing that lacks here is familiarity.

The familiarity of Home. The pomp and happinesses when you know that Deepawali is around the corner is greater when you’re in India. If you are living any where around the world and trying to celebrate Indian festivals, you know it’s just another day. ( though it’s Deepawali/in India)

Especially, if you’re from the Bangalore. This is how your childhood would vaguely be : you’d wait for discounts on crackers and hoard them well in advance. Knowing that you’ve got all crackers together, on the day of the festival you wake up early, wear new clothes , go out with your pals and celebrate the joy of togetherness.

As each cracker explodes, while you and gang of friends decide to made a train from the leftovers you hear your mom calling you out for breakfast. Refusing to get to her immediately, you fire up your share of crackers and keep another share for the evening rituals safely in a cardboard box.

After going home, mom quickly remembers to throw in a doze of ‘in our times stories’ for not showing up earlier but you makeup by hugging her hard. After watching a movie on Cable TV and forcing yourself after nap , it’s time to put on your best attire and wish your friends and neighbors ” A happy Diwali” and take part in the local festivities. As the day seems to end, you don’t need anything but a picture with your folks & friends where all of you are forced to squeeze next to each other where your friends mom clicks a photo with those last newly introduced digi- cams.

Ah! Reminiscing all this, reminds me of the fact that that as time goes, we los out so much on little things that brings joy to us. So this this Deepawali, wherever you are , if you feel connected to home…light a Diya and keep the essence of festivities alive.

Amma- My Epitome of Strength

How many of you’ll are close with your mothers ? I’m sure after reading this you could not agree more!

Yes. All mothers in the world have an innate strength that only they can gather. It’s like a ‘ super mom’ power which enables them to multitask, love us for who we are and turn every big problem into a breeze of air.

My mother was one such lady. It’s sad that I have to address her in past tense today , though all her memories are still afresh in the present. Her red oval bindi, her collection of sarees ( an Indian garment), her passion for life in general which she showed us various ways and most importantly her beautiful ‘smile’.

Her smile was her greatest source of strength and she ensured that she spread joy with her presence. The key was to keep yourself busy doing what you loved, and if you couldn’t, don’t fret on it. She would sail through it easily keeping in mind that something better awaits at the end. Positivity – Another of her greatest asset till date. Even during the darkest times when life did not stand by her side…she didn’t lose hope, she accepted the reality and fought her battle bravely. During those tough times, she turned towards meditation for comfort.

Today when I look back after six years there hasn’t been a single day that goes without remembering this joyous soul. After all, this what we all seek and she showed that it seem so simple!

While I sit here in search of happiness.. I’ve got a life lesson from Amma. In pursuit of happiness , you have indeed taught me valuable lesson Ma. It’s time that I apply them and lead a happy life. Thanks for coming into my life Ma. Your just pure Magic 🙂